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Jordan S from USA message

Jordan S from USA message
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The reason why CAR FROM JAPAN should pick me as a winner is because I love Japanese domestic market cars, on top of that I love japan, with everything that the automotive industry had to offer changing the way how we look at motorsports today. The pure rich traditions and culture that japan still keeps to this day with the hard work ethic that is provided. The Japanese used cars are always in immaculate shape as well as letting people achieve their childhood dreams. I am also an import automotive enthusiast which I will showcase my car or cars, from Car from Japan. Also I am a graduating senior from The George Washington University. I always viewed at least getting a Japanese used car as a canvas of my expression.

It is important to me to also display and show my love with the cars thus this will also give me a chance to showcase the vehicles on my youtube channel. For me really had a thought time for me to own the car of my dreams, this will allow me to venture into something that I always wanted to do and to share my love for cars with people internationally. This would help accelerate my joy and passion for cars for people all over. I view Japanese cars in the united states along with self-expression that is given. I am very appreciative of just getting the chance to even enter in this contest. Thus, Thank You to Lan Phan for giving people like me a chance for even win the CARFROMJAPAN.

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