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Jonas Isaack Masala from Tanzania message

Jonas Isaack Masala from Tanzania message
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Iam honored to participate in this competition.I am just an ordinary guy living in Tanzania i don’t own any car yet and this competition i think offers me chance to own a car of my own being picked or selected as the winner in this competition.
I will go straight to the question why should i be the winner.Well i think first in any competition there must be a winner and a loser and honestly i am expecting to be the winner because if i do all of my fears,doubt and worries of dealing with CAR FROM JAPAN will be resolved. because through car i win,it will be shipped to Tanzania this will resolve many of my doubts and worries which i think i share other many people in our country and because of this doubts and worries may prevent them from purchasing a car from japan.Common doubts and worries may be are used cars from Japan durable,will they meet with needs or expected performance of the vehicles,does the car arrive intact or some parts may be missing and so much more so picking me as the winner i will be the living proof among many other who trust used cars from Japan are worth buying and using in the world of fast changing and competitive change in technology and as a living proof and also as the winner from CAR FROM JAPAN i will be add up people trusting car from japan,pacify all worries,doubts and convince majority of them there is no risks in buying a car from japan but a guarantee of getting a car of your choice and satisfaction.Please God help me and may you pick me as the winner,you wont be disappointment but i will volunteer in proving how genuine and real through the car i will win,which it will also help to the manifest of your hard work which it will lead to the expanding its market and increase its sells.
How i think about car from japan.well i think car from japan is doing nicely in our region because people are becoming more and more aware of used cars from japan but most people still have fear, doubts and worries with dealing with CAR FROM JAPAN may not meet customer expectations or even satisfied with car the will buy due this they find it uncomfortably or not assuring buying a used car from japan unless one person gets to own one of the used car from japan successful and shares his/her experience dealing with CAR FROM JAPAN was success in getting a used car from japan the dealing is safe,satisfying and with assurance.Eventually many people will be aware of CAR FROM JAPAN and its true potentials from this person and the world region will be glorifying the used cars from japan.

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