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John Nicholas shana from Tanzania message

Hi ! .my Name is John Nicholaus shana From Babati Manyara Tanzania.

  1. why should pick me as a winner.
    You shoud pick me as a winner because i deceive to be a winner like any other but i wish i can become a winner to this competition it is my dreem to own car From Japan to be honest i like Toyota Land cruiser but i don’t have enough money to buy such car and i like Toyota Land cruiser because is nice car and it favor the environments which i live and if i become the winner for this gift it can help me alot to overcome poverty and i can use such c
    ar for Transport and i can receive some money which can help me from poverty Situation because the nature of my job Tourism activities it need the car like this so if i become the winner i wish i can be a good ambasador for this compay ever and i hope i can be a winner because i deceive it.
  1. How do i think about the car from Japan
    To be honest the car from Japan is best compered to others because of their qualities and is most usefull here many people hire they use car from Japan due to this fact is the best car ever Seen in the word.
    Thanks for your concern and i hope i can be A winner .

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