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John Kinuthia from Kenya message

John Kinuthia from Kenya message
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I have always liked and driven Japanese vehicles since I bought my very first car over 20 years ago. They are not only a joy and fun to drive, but are also quite reliable and durable. Toyota Kenya after sales service is second to none. Spare parts are readily available and you do not have to break the bank to afford them. Spare parts for vehicles manufactured in Europe and America are much more expensive when compared with those for Toyota. My first car was Toyota Corolla G touring Wagon which I still drive today and i have driven it for over 20 years. Countless number of interested buyers constantly stop me on the road but I have been politely declining their offers. Why should I sell a car which has served me so faithfully for so long and which has never had any serious mechanical issues? I am not selling it any time soon. I also own another car, Toyota Crown which is a real beauty. In terms of design, performance and reliability, it is in a class of its own at least when compared to its direct rivals such Mercedes E class, Nissan Fuga, BMW 5 series etc. To say that the cars handles perfectly and drives so smoothly would be an understatement. For long distance driving on tarmac, look no further than Toyota Crown Athlete. Should I need to upgrade, there is only one car which comes to mind. This is Lexus LS 460. This comes from Toyota’s luxury division-Lexus. This is my dream car. I have watched countless videos on youtube featuring this particular Toyota lexus which has really whetted my appetite to one day own this car. Should I fail to raise enough money for the lexus( as you know it is a top of the range car which is quite expensive), a Toyota Crown Majesta would easily be the car I would go for. It is a bit more pocket friendly with most of the specs of the lexus. As we are all allowed to dream and actually dreaming comes at no cost, i must admit I have had my fair share of dreams about cars that i would one day like to own. Lexus LX 570, LS 600 Hybrid or Toyota Landcruiser VX-V8 are some of these cars. Toyota cars are easily the most popular car brand in Kenya. There is this slogan found on most vehicles on Kenyan roads indicating that the car ahead is always a Toyota and in most cases it is. Spare parts for Toyotas are readily available in any corner of the country and most mechanics even in small villages are quite at home fixing any mechanical issue on a Toyota. My advice to anybody interested in buying a car right now or in future is that they can never go wrong with a Toyota. I am saying this from experience not just my own but also from my friends and colleagues at work most of whom own Toyotas.

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