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John from Tanzania message

John from Tanzania message
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Firstly I’m very interested to join a Toyota family to be ambassador in advertising it’s products all over the world.

It is my desire to work in this big brand not only as a Toyota product user but as an agent to make Toyota products to be used by as many people as possible

Toyota products in my country Tanzania is highly used and is the mostly depended.Being a winner of your products will promote me to work hard to encourage others to use these noble products .
Toyota products have been highly used in Tanzania many years a big brand being a user of Toyota products will be my prestige
The reason as to why I wanna be the winner of Toyota products is due to the fact that I wanna Be among many who are benefited being using Toyota products.

Toyota products in Tanzania is highly used and its spare parts are available always. this assures me staying with my products for many years

Toyota is affordable and its products can be used by all rich and those who have normal life

Being a winner of Toyota will encourage me to promote and encourage my country to think more about these products as it is the only products we can use for assurance

Being a winner of Toyota car will encourage even other workmate of mine to use the opportunity offered by big brand Toyota and therefore Toyota now will gain more ambassadors to promote its products

To be a winner of Toyota will add a customer of other Toyota spares as since I’m already have car I must buy Toyota spares

Toyota is more powerful and most acceptable product in Tanzania .being a winner of Car will encourage me to advertise this products to many people

I will ensure that Toyota products is highly used and highly valued so that the brand will remain number one always

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