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John Digwa from Botswana message


I accidentally came across a Japanese car when I was out in town (Gaborone) scouting for an affordable used car. I was looking for a small car because I did not have enough money. To my surprise, with the money I thought was small, I bought a 1991 V6 Nissan Teranno 4×4. Since then I have always been a great fan of Japanese used cars. I have owned three so far; all Nissan:Teranno, X-Trail and Sunny. I believe Cars from Japan are ORIGINAL. I have found them to be less costly yet more durable, comfortable and far less trouble-free compared to our local used cars. They come with lots of standard features which you will not find in our local cars (even new ones). For the models I have owned, I haven’t had trouble finding spares locally. Thumbs up especially to Nissan Japan. I will never buy a new car, ever, as long as I can possible buy Japanese used car! THANK YOU AGAIN NISSAN JAPAN!

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