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Joel Muriithi Muriuki from Kenya message

Joel Muriithi Muriuki from Kenya message
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I thank the owners of CAR FROM JAPAN for giving this platform for every one to participate without prejudice or hindering anyone except that you are of age 18 years and above.
A lot of people import Japanese used cars from different car dealers and this one will surely make a whole new change to importers of used cars.
I think you should pick me because I am in need of a car for my family daily use as transport in my country has became so much expensive and having one while reduce that cost and enhance the standard of living.
I am very grateful to have this opportunity to participate and probably win as it will be a dream come true.
Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN CO LTD hope that I win one of cars on offer,
Yours truly,
Joel Murrithi Muriuki

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