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Joe Shock from USA message

Joe Shock from USA message
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I’d love to get a free CAR FROM JAPAN, whether it’s a Japanese use car or not. All I’ve ever owned is foreign cars and trucks and they been good to me. I basically have owned Toyota Trucks, Nissan Trucks, and Subaru cars. I now drive a 2000 Toyota Tundra with 250, 000 miles on it and though the rust is getting to it here in the United States from the salt on our roads in the winter, it’s still a strong runner with no engine problems. Most miles I’ve had on a Toyota Truck is 395, 000 miles. My son and I called the truck, “O’l Bessie”. Still miss that truck because I still like the smaller size Tacoma Style truck versus the larger Tundra’s. My Tundra is the first year that they came available in the United States. I bought it used with a hundred and forty thousand miles on it. Sharp truck at the time, but now it’s developed cancer real bad, lots of laughs. Before that I’ve owned in the past four other Toyota Trucks, one Nissan and my first car in high school was a Subaru. Some people just don’t understand what it means to run a CAR FROM JAPAN with the reliable engines in them that last forever. Though the bodies on them don’t last where I live, it doesn’t matter to me what they look like latter down the road, but how well they still run and putting less money for costly engine repairs makes a big difference in a person life of owning cars and trucks. My son is 17 and I tried to convince him on his first car to buy a Japanese used car or truck, but of course he didn’t listen to his father and bought a used car that didn’t last him nine month’s. Now he’s running an American Chevy which I told him is okay, but bet him my Toyota Tundra will still be out running on the roads when his Chevy breaks down. Unless a person actually own a Car FROM JAPAN or a Japanese used car, they will never have a clue what they missed out on, on all their vehicle history purchases. I’ll always buy Japanese used car because I can’t see buying new at today’s prices, they’re crazy and I’m not rich yet. Hat’s off to CAR FROM JAPAN, keep it up always.

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