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Jerry from Papua New Guinea message

Jerry from Papua New Guinea message
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Cars from Japan are the perfect and powerful with genuine engines that can last long for almost 10 to 20 years. I like Japan used cars because japan is more specialized than any other countries in regards to invention of cars. All other countries can not build cars like japan where all the mechanical engineers specialist are there in Japan. Like for example Land Cruiser, this car is very strong in terms of running in rough roads where other cars from other countries will break down in only 2 months. I am proud that the used cars from Japan are on market throughout the world and I will eventually buy one if I have some money. At the moment I am still a low earner that’s why I can not afford to buy one.
However the little I have, I will make an effort to buy one if I have a chance in life. Japan provides quality cars with perfect engineers and here in my country are now exporting many cars from japan and is also on high demand. Further in more years to come, only Japanese used cars will be here in my small Province called New Ireland Province.
With that cars from japan are the most real cars with satisfactory prizes at low cost. Other countries dealing with cars are selling out cars that are non genuine because they don’t have proper engineers and factories machines etc. to invent. Only cars from Japan will last me centuries if buying from Japan and not any other country.
Therefore all the buying of cars must be from Japan. Japanese used cars are best and I should be the winner so that I will still promote cars from Japan If you give me a chance to win a car.
Thank you for your time and will wait for your kind upon my interest.

Jerry Timan
Papua New Guinea
Phone 675 72938240

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