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Jean Paul MUKUNDIYUKURI from Rwanda message

Jean Paul MUKUNDIYUKURI from Rwanda message
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I am from Rwanda, a landlocked country in Africa, which is yet growing significantly in all facets of sectors. Though I am not currently in a position to afford a car, I believe that once I am picked as a winner in this giveaway, I am be serving as a representative and marketing officer and those many people in my country able to get by themselves the car, shall be able to get informed from me.
Regarding the CAR FROM JAPAN, though it was first time to know about it when I saw an email on this, I think it is a good benefial opportunity in two sides. In one hand, it serves as a marketing tools to make and keep CARS FROM JAPAN on lead worldwide and be known all over the world. In other hand, it helps people who would not get car to get japanese used car which keep showing that though they are used cars yet they are still good.

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