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Jared Owuor from Kenya message

Jared Owuor from Kenya message
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I was curious at first about CAR FROM JAPAN and Japanese used car and I made a poster-based online campaign targeting Kenya. I can share this, of course, perhaps at a later stage. It went something like this though:

I don’t know if you’d like a FREE car
You probably already know that CarFromJapan, a company in Japan has free car giveaway contests
Would you be surprised if I told you that last December someone I know won
Imagine what would happen if you gave it a try, and won by just sharing, like I’m doing now?
I wouldn’t tell you to do this but it seems like a fun way to pass time and bundles, ama?
If you could choose to, you can make your time online very worthwhile, bila regrets
As you register for free, also plan to share widely with family and friends.

So in a span of 1 week to the deadline, since that was the time I joined, I made thousands of points and ranked from nowhere to top 20. I must thank my very good friend Godfrey who introduced me to this contest. Kudos bro, stay well and blessed!

Now about myself. I come from a family of 10 family members and live in one of the busiest, fastest growing cosmopolitan city of Nairobi, Kenya. My extended family forms six football teams, plus reserves, referees, linesmen and a few fans. This is true. My parents passed on but I am the one supporting my very old grand parents and some family members once in a while. You see, these folks raised me up and I have very fond memories about them. I also support myself and a young family of 3, while saving for retirement and school.

Saving money to buy a car is very difficult because life here in Nairobi is very expensive considering my obligations and the city’s pace. I know I can save to buy a car, but it would take two to three years. This would not serve my urgency right now. I need a car from Japan to help start my taxi service business. This business is still very lucrative and gaining momentum here in NAIROBI. I will also use it to drop off to work, attend some emergencies without inconvenience and just have fun with my family on some weekends and domestic holidays. I will be complimenting my earnings and savings as well, you know.

I find your prices and terms or offers very competitive, plus the brand of quality that Japan has always been known for, two very compelling factors that makes me proud to be associated with CAR FROM JAPAN. You may not believe it, but I can assure you that CAR FROM JAPAN and Japanese Used Car are doing what President Trump would call “a fantastic job, very fantastic indeed!” to improve the quality of life of the people of the world and restoring hopes and dreams of thousands of people like me. I would really like to own a car, but it just seems to be out of reach in the current time.

I have already imagined myself a winner (don’t get me wrong here, I know it’s a contest) and already have a unique marketing plan and strategy that I will employ to represent this awesome brand! It is a strategy to penetrate the market, offer value and fairness to drive sales here in Kenya and the region. Forty two per cent of Kenyans live below the poverty line, hence buying a car at the current local market rates is still a dream beyond many people, yet one that many can be encouraged to pursue if they can identify with local people dealing the brand. I would be very pleased to promote Cars from Japan in Kenya and the region and to make sure people who want to buy a car, choose Cars From Japan.

I Care too.


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