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january muthoka from Kenya message

january muthoka from Kenya message
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Dear Lan,
Wat i have experienced about CARS FROM JAPAN
Am glad that you as the CARS FROM JAPAN have brought these competition on board and its a good activity. Its an avenue to enable persons like me achieve their dreams of owning a vehicle. Its also a constructive session which enable sharing with friends instead of doing nonconstructive internet business.
I appreciate your customer service, it quick, very pleasing and humble. I would like to congratulate you for that. This has enabled me to be able to refer my friends to CARS FROM JAPAN as the best place where one can acquire a vehicle at the best prices.
I would also like to appreciate another good work of informing the models and the type of vehicles accepted in specific countries. This will enable people to be compliant with the countries policies and work towards sustainable development.
Why i should be chosen as the winner
I hope that CARS FROM JAPAN board members should choose me as the winner is because of my commitment in the competition and my efforts to refer as many people to the competition as possible.
I have also been a good ambassador of CARS FROM JAPAN in my country, in every social site and to all my friends i tell them about the opportunities being offered i CARS FROM JAPAN in terms of vehicles and services. I always refer anyone i meet looking for vehicles to you.
According to me this qualifies me for the picked as the winner.

Thanks so much for you services and for your commitment to the duty of service with passion. May God bless you abundantly. And may the institution grow to the dream of the owners.

yours faithfully

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