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James Preko Peprah from Ghana message

James Preko Peprah from Ghana message
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It is long overdue that I got a car from not any other place but Japan. I have never owned a personal car but strongly need a car and believes that I shall own a car from Japan. I love Toyota and when I see RAV 4, I look at it as if I have nothing doing. Should I get this car from Car from Japan Competition, ohhh my God, people in Ghana as well as those in neighbouring countries, Togo, Ivory Coast and Burkinafaso will hear of me. I will drive from the city to my home town and make people know how my level has changed. I will let the good people of Ghana know why they should buy cars from Japan. I am highly expectant that one of the cars shall be mine. Thank you for allowing me enter the competition. I shall however forward to contacts to also take part so that we could all share the excitement.
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