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James Parsimei Kuronoi from Kenya message

James Parsimei Kuronoi from Kenya message
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I would like to be the one to be picked as the winner because I’m unique and new in this competition. Being an African from Kenya and from a very remote area I’ve never driven a vehicle but I’ve been seeing Japan vehicles on our roads and my prayers are, God give me a Japan vehicle because vehicles from Japan are the best globally. I’ve never had one though other competitors have. I’m looking forward to seeing being on a steering of a Japan vehicle. This will promote the sale of Japan vehicles because it will a unique one in the area where I live. Car from Japan are unique, powerful and their spare parts are locally available in Kenya. Their prizes are reasonable, maintenance is reasonable and all makes and models are available. The most new models and latest are found in Japan. Just consider me for one that I can be an Ambassador to market Japan vehicles in Kenya because I will even have more to tell buyers. God bless Japan and Japan motor dealers

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