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james kalema from Tanzania message

james kalema from Tanzania message
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i am so glad to join this competition.
i really appreciate the vehicles made in japan for their high efficiency and long stay when you buy them.
i encourage you to continue manufacturing the vehicles that meet international standards and which can withstand world business competition.
i really wish to see that you establish branches in African countries for manufacturing cars.for many countries in Africa like Tanzania prefer much to buy the cars from japan .by doing so will bring the services near to the customers,will reduce shipping time and hence the vehicles will reach to the customer within a short period of time,will reduce competition from other car trading companies ,will create job opportunities in the countries where those manufacturing industries will be launched, will lead to the increase of national income through payment of tax and also the industry will get high profit through selling cars .
i also advice the company to develop education scheme for young scientists who try to innovate new car designs so as to increase their knowledge which will be helpful for future time in designing new cars in the company.
i still encourage the company to continue producing the cars which have good combustion system so as to continue protecting our doing so we shall reduce green house gas emissions and hence overcome global warming which is really the burning issue in the world today.
i still encourage the company to continue producing the cars which use small amount of fuel in the large distance so as to save a lot of money used in purchasing the fuel.
i advice the company to establish car spare parts manufacturing industries in Africa so that customers will be easily accessible to get spares of their car when certain part of the car is damaged or not functioning well.
i still encourage the company to continue producing the cars which can travel well in the humid roads so as to help the customers who travel to the villages and remote areas where there are such roads especially in the developing countries.
i will continue to advice my fellows to buy cars from japan since they have long stay,they can travel in both tarmac and humid roads.they use small amount of fuel ,they have good combustion system,they are cheap ,they have high efficiency ,easy for the customer to get car when he or she makes an order for the car ,their agents are world wide distributed,they can travel large distance within short period of time and they meet international standards.
May the al might God grant you success in your daily works so that you can reach to your goals and get many customers from different corners of the world

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