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James Ijakaa from Kenya message

James Ijakaa from Kenya message
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How I think about CAR FROM JAPAN?
Thank you for an opportunity to compete in this award winning for a car from Japan. I support these cars from Japan due to the following reason;
The first reason is that Cars from Japan are cost effective because of their fuel consumption. You may purchase a car but what matters most is maintenance. Will you be able to fuel it comfortably? Japanese cars gas consumption per mileage is exceptional. Another reason that can be linked with cost effectiveness is their spare parts that are readily and easily available. I live in Kenya and to be sincere some luxury cars have no spare parts in other parts of the country where you will be forced to move to some strategic towns to acquire them. But for a car from Japan they are readily available.
Another reason why I love cars from Japan is that they are not complicated as such. It is easy to learn the technology applied in their manufacture. Most instructional manuals come in Japanese but a mechanic can understand the model and know how to repair it. In other words you do not require a special person to repair Japanese cars.
Japanese cars top global ranks each and every day in terms of horse power. The 2014 result just similar to the 2010 study, ranked the Japanese-made Toyota Prius once again to the compact charts, this time just ahead of the Japanese Toyota Corolla. They outshine American and Europe made cars. Everyone longs to make profit. If you have made enough then go for non Japanese Cars but if you’re after saving Japanese Cars you will do well in your saving. There are many more factors they considered while manufacturing.
Lastly, i support an extract from the Autotrader a publication of 2014, An i quote “Reliability results are strongly in favor of Japanese brands if you’re interested in a crossover or SUV. In that report, J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, for instance, Japanese brands took home two of the three top spots among the most popular SUV segments. The Japanese-brand Toyota RAV4 and Honda Cross tour won for best compact SUV and midsize SUV respectively, while the American-made Chevrolet Tahoe topped the large SUV category.” So why bother yourself with these expensive non Japanese cars and yet Japanese automotive continue to beat their conception in awards and certifications and in comparison tests, polls and reports. There is always a high demand for Japanese fuel efficient vehicles, around the world more and more consumers and business are buying hybrid, eco-friendly, gas saving, natural gas Japanese automotive’s.
Today I will go for Japanese cars no matter what and Toyota Premio is my choice

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