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Jaluddin musa from Malaysia message

Jaluddin musa from Malaysia message
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  1. CAR FROM JAPAN ( japanese used car) is my advantage to win a car direct from was my dream to drive a car from the biggest technology country like japan.All people know about Japanese automotive manufacturers which include Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Isuzu.With Japanese manufacturers producing very affordable, reliable, and popular cars throughout the 1990s, Japan became the largest car producing nation in the world in 2000. Cars designed in Japan have won the European Car of the Year, International Car of the Year, and World Car of the Year awards many times.In the first quarter of 2008 Toyota surpassed American General Motors to become the world’s largest car manufacturer. And if i not wrong, Japan is the third largest automobile market and still automobile export remains one of the country’s most profitable exports and is a cornerstone of recovery plan for the latest economic crisis.

  2. What i think about car from japan is
    Japanese cars are generally more reliable and less complex. This is expecially true for older cars. Japanese cars are less expensive to repair and more tolerant of poor maintenance generally. The car sparepart also easy to find in many places and country.They also give a far greater performance per money paid for them. Japanese engineering is superior in that it does the most with the least. It does the most in terms of performance, maintainability, reliability, ease of use. Ask any engineer if it’s easier to work with a bigger budget and all but the masochists (or puzzle solvers) will acknowledge that this is so. Like most things, the work is far easier when you have more resources to play with. Smaller budgets require much more creativity and resourcefulness.
    Thus, with German cars (with their higher premium budgets) a lot of engineering creativity is poured into adding features, and engineering aesthetics, or what’s “cool” as well as adding more layers of refinement. Japanese companies generally engineer comprehensively for function, reliability, maintainability, simplicity, and economy, as well as a decent degree of refinement.
    Of course you get the best of both worlds with Japanese luxury cars. Lexus has the ultimate in reliability and has great refinement. Acura has great reliability and technology. Infiniti has great reliability and performance. (they all have overlap, but each leans in a particular direction). German brands have more psycho-social capital. Much of it was built up in decades past when there actually was a big difference between what they offered (except VW) and the Americans and Japanese in particular offered. That era has long, long passed.

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