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Jacob kuria from Kenya message

Jacob kuria from Kenya message
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Generally Japanese cars are the most popular vehicles in Kenya, and they are the most preferred vehicles due to their affordable prices and their good quality.
There is the massive availability of spare parts in the country which makes repairs quiet affordable.
Nowadays in Kenya a Car is slowly becoming a basic necessity not a luxury as it was deemed sometimes back.

Am praying to God and i have a great hope that one day i will own one.My dream cars are saloons , eg Toyota Premio, Allion, and Axio, while Nisssans i love Blueband, Fuga and Teana.
In kenya one can either buy from various car dealers in Kenya or import direct from Japan through Auto-Kenya, SBT Japan or Tradecarview Kenya.
I recommend Japanese car industries for their innovations and their price considersions.
I would also wish to see Japanese car industries coming to Africa starting with Kenya my home.Japan cars are good on any road conditions. I find many people with used car from Japan and they are always in good and working condition.

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