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Jackson Wilson Ishumi from Tanzania message

Jackson Wilson Ishumi from Tanzania message
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A guy at work just bought a fully loaded Mazda 3 (2010). It’s a cool car for sure, but when he saw my Honda Civic he said, “Damn it must be nice to be rich. LOL I just laughed and said dude I bet your Mazda 3 hatch was $10k more than what I paid for my Honda Civic. He stood there with a perplexed look and said, “Isn’t your car new?”.
I said,
‘No way, this has all to do with “CAR FROM JAPAN.” It is a great Japanese used car company. You should join them. ‘

My take, This company (CAR FROM JAPAN) is so great. I think others could/will benefit by buying and being among the members of this company.
” Cars from Japan” Can I share your work at our team meeting/with my peers/with my boss, etc.?
Sure, I will do that!

Doing a good job is not always about impressive innovation. Sometimes it is only about doing something with plain dedication. Well done people!

I really enjoy to be among the “Car from Japan” member. Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement and wishing that you may encounter more honor in the near future.
It is honour to use the company service.

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