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Ismail Rakki from Kenya message

Ismail Rakki from Kenya message
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Japan is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and exporter. In addition to that it is home to six of the world’s ten automobile manufacturers.
Cars from Japan come in different sleek ranges and models. Just to mention a few, they include; toyota, subaru, mazda, mitsubishi, honda and suzuki. This gives the customers a wide spectrum to choose from depending on their taste and intended use.
In Kenya where I reside, Toyota has taken the largest share of the market in terms of Japanese used cars. Most of the middle income earners prefer to go for this brand because of its vast range of models and availability of spare parts.
I currently own a Toyota Caldina of which I upgraded from a Nissan Tiida back in 2004. They both were previously used cars from Japan. My experience with these cars has been nonetheless fantastic since they are reliable. This therefore brings me to the question why should I be picked as the winner? The answer is rather simple, I have been there, tasted it and appreciated the results therefore, I would not mind an upgrade from what I currently own.
A closing remark would be, in terms of our economy, Japanese used cars play a big role. This is because of the many jobs created through the car bazaars selling these vehicles.

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