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Isaque Emanuel Gonçalves da Silva from Spain message

Isaque Emanuel Gonçalves da Silva from Spain message
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In profundity who Am I?
We are all the same.
If I would say I deserve this or that, what is actually what makes one deserve wins something?
Does it means that the other deserve to lose?
Or is in the reallity of impermanence that no one wins or no one loses?
Well internally no one.
Some one will receive from great generous event “CarFromJapan Grand Giveaway 2017” and it is because this one will permits it to happen to him or her, so how “loses” or “wins” is just the reflect of the effort and it is in this way in all on life, so it should ever a lesson.
Yet one shoud stay with contentment, some have less others have more, Theravada Buddhist monks have less outside, but more inside ( more in relation of being more their true nature), it only reflects what one wants and how one applies to it, so there is ever the inside part, that is learning.
My mother some months ago decided to buy a car, she letft is account practically empty, passing some months she caused an accident with other vehicle, luckily she ad no health problems from the accident, but the car stayed with a new front facelift (some laughts).
I ask her, why do you try to create happiness when you are obscuring already the happyness with your stupid thoughs? (laughing)
So she tried to fulfill, the inside lack that their mind is creating, before, without contentment, she was crazy going directly to the stand to buy a car with the twice of the price it values, and she is really bad driving, but she says: “well the car is very beatifull”. (more laughts)
Yet I continue saying she should sell the car,because she can get the same with half the price, but the human stupidity (without offence clearly) and proudness can be such that she says “no, thats my car” and laughing I sayed “oh, yes that your driving”, so it erritates some what.
Since kid, I had a fascination about cars, the media, vídeo games gave me some knowledge also about it, and sincerly until now my prefered cars are the Japanese sports cars.
The Historic Calsonic Skyline r32 GTR, speaks be himself, the Generations of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, my prefered Evo is the Evo 6 Tommi Makinen, TOM’s Toyota Supra and the Honda NSX is another examples from the Japanes car builders and Masters.
To day this cars are actual yet passing the years, impressive…
So I start looking to buy a good car with good price, and searched the best markests on internet, I found CarFromJapan, that is linked to JUMVEA, amazed what I found I decided to buy a Japanese used car, while searching on the site I found “CarFromJapan Grand Giveaway 2017”. I found I can trust CAR FROM JAPAN, there a great amount of good deals, amazing, people give good attention to cliend and are fast responsive, when emailing, its a JUMVEA trustes, so until now it is the best online car salles I have found.
See, one just exists in the present, past or future is ilusion, the future is the present as long the present state remains, the past was what was mantainend as the present, that is.
Nothing is fixed, there is only a dinamic movement, energy, life.
The Sun of everyday, one day will finish, looking on the deep space, it haves no end, just makes me feel that there is no outer way, just inner being, so you are not diferent, we are all the same nature. Vain words?
May be, we are what the mind cannot show, when I think, when I write there is something that contains al it, conscience.
Its just some message I want to pass as I received also from your culture.
Working hard with determination, is the safest way to get things asdesired well done.
Japan haves a Great culture, Zen Buddhist is rooted on the Japanese culture, if I may say, so it reflects somewhat their way to live, wich is something that the west lacks…
Thank You Japanese people, for the good things that you have done, and do.
Peace to All.

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