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Isabel Nsanja Bakuwa from Malawi message

Isabel Nsanja Bakuwa from Malawi message
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CAR FROM JAPAN, Japanese used car should make me a winner because I applied the previous competition and did not win and I am very hopeful that this time round is my turn to receive my long awaited miracle. With all the economic challenges being faced in my country, it is very very difficult for me to purchase my own car and I believe that this is the one way God will answer me and bless me with my very own car this year. I will not give up until I have received my miracle and blessing and I hope and pray that I will be a winner in this competition.

I think that Car From Japan is rapidly growing and becoming more and more popular in Africa and competitions like these are also helping in advertising about the Japanese used cars as people are becoming more and more interested in Car From Japan and I think you should keep up the good work as competitions like these are a huge blessing for someone like me and alot others who cannot afford to purchase their own cars.

CAR FROM JAPAN please make me a winner of a Japanese used car as I would be profoundly grateful to you. This would be my dream come true. I find your Japanese used cars to be very unique and in very good condition and I cannot wait to own one. I love Toyota’s as they are very durable and the Toyota Premio is a beauty and a nice family car for me, my husband and 3 young children. I will be very honored to win this.

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