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Isaac Mokaya from Kenya message

Isaac Mokaya from Kenya message
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Since I ever heard of car from Japan,I have become a car enthusiast and started marketing cars.
I am so glad because Car from Japan have brought back the competition and I am hopeful this time round I will get a prize.
Car from Japan company is very committed company which goes down to ground to a common person and tries to engage them in their activities and I am very sure that this commitment to people will bear fruits.
Car from Japan has got good conditioned cars which comes at an affordable price,I really thank the company for restless efforts they normally do to market their company and now they have made a good strategy of engaging common people.
I have been marketing a certain car company and the reactions I get from clients is they want to negotiate for a car on the ground.They normally have cash but they are willing to wait for a car to be shipped because they argue they can a car that they never negotiated for and as a result we end up loosing business to others who have cars on the ground.
I am appealing to you,if possible you can come to Kenya and try to set up your offices and if possible put yard for clients to be viewing your car and bet me you will do a lot of business.
I thank you for the promotion once again and I person I will do everything possible to market your not because I want to win but because I love Car from Japan and hopping that one day I will work for you.
Once again we welcome you to our country to do business with you.

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