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Isaac Jambo from Malawi message

Isaac Jambo from Malawi message
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As a customer in many car selling companies in Japan such as TRADECARVIEW, ROYAL TRADING COMPANY and BEFOWARD Japan, I always have interest and passion with Japanese car markets. In all the occasions I had dealt with these companies, I have always been given access to all the information required before I make my final purchase. In addition to that, trading with Japanese car trading companies has always given me an opportunity to use fairly used cars which feels almost brand new. Always the trading procedure has been safe, the cars are delivered in time and the vehicles always arrive in good condition. Despite all that, most of these cars are traded at a fairly reasonable price and there are so many promotions which makes these cars affordable in price. While I was doing my research when searching for my next best car to buy I came across CAR FROM JAPAN CO site which seems to offer different variety of cars within a range of my choices. Moreover these cars are offered at the very best combination of quality, price, promotions as well as safety in payment procedures. In many parts of Africa purchasing a brand new vehicle from specific car dealers cannot be afforded by many people despite their wish to drive. The growing market of fairly used cars in Japan has opened up big pockets of markets all over Africa and CAR FROM JAPAN CO being one of the companies to offer such opportunities has gained popularity in most of the African countries. When you look at the statistics of customer review and testimonials, almost 90% of the reviewers (986/1094) have expressed their overall gratitude on the vehicles and services they were rendered through transaction with CAR FROM JAPAN CO to purchase their fairly used Japanese cars. One of the major areas which entices people with online trading services is the way customer issues are handled by the customer care unit. Most of the times the way issues are clarified when dealing with issues concerning customers dream cars gives people an urge to engage in transaction with any company in question. CAR FROM JAPAN CO is one of the company where aspiring customers have expressed overall profound gratitude in the way their questions have always been responded to. Most people who have communicated with the customer care unit had their problems handled in a friendly manner. In addition the support from CAR FROM JAPAN CO customer service has always been classified as outstanding and the responses are graded with high quality because they are timely and well expounded and straight to the point. This occurs mainly when they are addressing a specific issue regarding specific topic or problem. The employees are well updated with customer service skills as they always satisfy the needs of their customers. One of the many interesting features dealing with CAR FROM JAPAN CO is that the company is entrusted by hundreds of Japanese used car exporters in Japan and their collection of cars at giveaway prices is precisely unrivalled. Despite handling all the rigorous paperwork for the buyer, the CAR FROM JAPAN CO also strives to make customer payments safe and make sure customers get exactly what they pay for in perfect condition. Nothing is even more attractive with buying Japanese used car at CAR FROM JAPAN CO than interacting with a multicultural team that lives in different time zones. Language does not create any barrier in transacting with the company because there is always someone who speak your language. One of the many challenges which buyers face is dealing with scammers. This is another area where CAR FROM JAPAN CO provide maximum security to its customers while ensuring their total peace of mind as they engage in transaction with the company. Paying for your Japanese used vehicle without any hidden costs gives a sense of satisfaction, honesty and security. CAR FROM JAPAN CO assures its customers of making payment to the seller after the transaction has been completed and the car is shipped to the customer. Despite their safe and quick way of delivering your vehicle the company promises to pay back 100% of your money in case of any uncertainties. The company also offers wide range of brands and models while striving itself to expand at unbeatable prices every day. CAR FROM JAPAN CO has never shielded any negative criticisms from disgruntled customers on their website. This is mainly because the company believes in enriching lives of its customers through network building and trade facilitation. Hence listening to the views of the customers help in the improvement of delivery the services delivered. Once the vehicle has been purchased the CAR FROM JAPAN CO does not end there but enriching the customers with maintenance tips. These tips provides knowledge about how one can take care of their vehicles which includes fuel saving and self-diagnostic and detecting of car issues. The website of CAR FROM JAPAN CO is also enriched with information about import regulations, industrial highlights as well as new movements of big companies in the industry. Assuming one is interested in a new model but lack information, the car review category on CAR FROM JAPAN CO website provides deep analysis of one specific car model. Information on modern released car models, cars and celebrities as well as new movement of famous car companies is always readily available and keep customers updated. Moreover the CAR FROM JAPAN CO offers free shipping for some vehicles, however, customers with such offers have to act swiftly before the offer expires. The company also provides all necessary information and requirements for the free shipping. Finally the company always take it to their website by comparing different but similar vehicles for customers. This help the customers to be fully aware of the differences they see in similar vehicles. These are the reasons I’ve decided to be part of this competition to contribute towards advertising this company while raising my points and increase chances of winning this competition.

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