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irene akelo from Kenya message

irene akelo from Kenya message
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A happy new year to you all. I am very glad to hear from you after joining your promotion the second time. I hope to come out as a winner. You should pick me as a winner because I do not have a car at the moment and i need it to take my daughter to school. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is a good promotion because I have seen some of the Christmas promotion winners were people I know and others were just next Country to mine(Uganda).
In the past years I bought a car from BE FORWARD. Please consider me as a winner for your current promotion. I will be very grateful if I am considered as one of the winners.
Your promotion is a success because many of my friends are talking about it and have checked it out.
I hope to hear from your team very soon.

Yours sincerely

Irene Akelo
Kampala, Uganda

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