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Innocent L. Silveri from Tanzania message

Innocent L. Silveri from Tanzania message
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My name is Innocent L. Silveri, I also joined this competition introduced by CAR FROM JAPAN which aimed to give away 18 prizes including 4 cars(all for free) for the whole year of 2017 in 20th day of each month starting this February. CAR FROM JAPANA should choose me(Innocent L. Silveri) as the winner because I joined this competition in time due to my daily dream to drive my own car to and from my different destinations in addition I am ready to be your representative for CAR FROM JAPAN brands here in Tanzania.
I think CAR FROM JAPAN is truly walking on a word which says “sharing is caring” whereby CAR FROM JAPAN wants to share to all people arroubd the world regardless it’s customers or non customers to CAR FROM JAPAN’S products. This give away campaign stands as caring to the people.
I am looking forward to be chosen as the winner to this competition and I will be so happy if that is really going to happen to me. Thank you in advance.

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