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Iliesa Ratumainabou from Fiji message

Iliesa Ratumainabou from Fiji message
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I am a farmer. I am planting 2000 dalo as my cash crops to feed my family, buy school staffs for my children and to purchase a Toyota hilux 4d twin cab for my family and help me at my farm. You should pick me as a winner because first I need that type of vehicle, that same brand as I have mentioned and Toyota is an excellent brand. According to my driving experience Toyota hilux standard is number one for me. The oil consumption like we drivers we call it oil chew, is much much better than any other vehicle. I have driven Mazda twin cab, mitsubishi L200 both old and new model. Toyota hilux 4d is my choice because it is from Japan. I have owned one Toyota corolla AE 95 model with 4A engine, I always buy Japanese parts because they are genuine parts and last long. That is why I choose Toyota as it is worth of quality products, affordable prices, available parts and very inviting appearance. Toyota hilux tells the customer what kind of vehicle it is because it talks about quality and ability to reach any place without anytime. The spacing between seats, front and rear are so easy and good. The engine are easy to study as it is properly displayed. To you, the Cars from Japan, you are my choice. That’s why I really need a vehicle just from you. With the above information you should pick me as winner, because Toyota can withstand the loading of my crops and it’s transportation.
Thank you
To include, I owned a full time four wheel drive Toyota corolla station wagon model ae 95….. once. I bought Chinese made parts for my car. It doesn’t take long. It gives me more burden. Once I tried japanese part’s, my problems were solved according to what I need and expected from my car. Thank you once again Toyota and car from Japan.

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