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IGBUTE from South Africa message

IGBUTE from South Africa message
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Why you should pick up as the winner is because I love Japanese cars and culture, and I believe that you should pick me as one of the lucky winners because I have long waited for a time like this for me to be one of the world price winners, because I am part of this world. I should be selected as the winner because I don’t believe in failure, with God on my side I am sure i will be selected as one of the winners, that I might sing songs of Thanksgiving to God and as well pray that God should promote Japanese car companies.

Just to be very Frank, Japanese cars are very good and so reliable, both used cars from Japan, they are very reliable and recommendable and they are very strong as well, with good and powerful engines. This is why I will gladly advice both my friends and everyone who cares for reliable cars to consider Japanese car as the first choice due to their reliableness, both used and brand new, it’s advisable for cars from Japan , I’m quite sure that you will not regret it.

I should be considered one of the lucky winners from this competition becauses, right from When I was at about the age of 19-20 year, my father bought a used car from Japan, and the car was so dependable and reliable to my entire family of all the 3 cars we had, also everyone in my home love that Japanese car compared to other ones. this is one of the reasons that motivated me to join this competition in order to express my feelings about Japanese cars, and also to advise anyone who would want to buy cars from Japan, to go ahead and do because, I’m assuring that you will enjoy the use of it because, their cars has good conservation of petrol, and also with good speed and also very reliable ,more. . Furthermore, Japanese used cars generally enjoy a higher resale value than their American or European counterparts. However, I consider buying cars from Japan good and recommendable.

Now considering some of the Advantages of Japanese Used Cars
I see obviously, the most substantial advantage of owning Japanese cars both brand new or used cars, is due to the high amount of confidence placed in their dependability and reliability. Japanese cars are known for being mostly trouble-free when it comes to major issues regarding mechanical breakdown or failure.

One other reason why I consider owning Japanese cars advantageous is due to the fact that they have a very high resale value, which is a very good thing, meaning that you can buy cars from Japan, after use, you can resale it with good value. Japanese cars don’t seem to depreciate nearly as fast as other products from other countries. People that purchase Japanese cars when they are new, often enjoy much.

Adding to my earlier points, I would like to reveal some good and important facts about buying or using Japanese used cars. Japanese cars are the most reliable if you’re buying a second-hand vehicle, and they Warranty Direct, they are committed to always providing high quality, mechanically certified good-conditioned and low priced vehicles. yes, they are that good and even more.
Here is also what I discovered from car from Japan, they have a large selection of Low-priced, discounted vehicles in their stock list. With this I can say that car from Japan have the best prices in the market today, they are good at minimizing their price just to help the masses. Being part of car from Japan company or rather competition, I will do all my best to introduce car from Japan to as many people I can, to help reduce the rate at which people buy cars from other sources with a very high price. I consider that as waste of resources. I know with my marketing effort to introduce car from Japan to people in South Africa and to the entire Africa, I’m sure it will help them to spend less from car purchases, there by saving up money for other use, because of the low-price of car from Japan. Car from Japan have good leadership qualities, which allows them to satisfy customers need, and this I would say it’s good for business. Long live car from Japan.

Permit me to submit to you that, I will be very proud to be your representative or rather one of your marketing agents here in South Africa and to the entire Africa.

I see myself as one of the lucky winners because of my high level of love and knowledge for Japanese cars. This is why I have chosen to continue to market Japanese cars products even when the competition is over. I’m proud to be your marketing manager here in South Africa. Long live Japanese.

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