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Ibahati Siaffu from Tanzania message

Ibahati Siaffu from Tanzania message
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I want to appreciate the use od cars from Japan,for I know Japan is the best country to make cars using strong iron material than other country in the world.In our country there are some aged cars from Japan for their industries used high technology which enabled their cars to win a prize in the world markets, and their cars still used ro nowadays. Even the cars spare parts are still found in the market. Japanese used cars,can be used for long time even if it is used ones.New cars from other countries in the world which bought recently, have short life of function, but the used ones from Japan stay longer.You can buy new cars from other countries and after a short term,all cars collapsed but if you buy used cars from Japan can make you happy for staying longer enough.Some new cars from other countries can make you frustrated for they need repairs time to time even if,are new cars,but used cars fron Japan can’t frustrates you.Why not staying happily by using cars from Japan even a used one? I appeal beside you that don’t make a mistake of choosing a new xar which will be damaged after a short tine,but choose a Japanese used cars,and you will appreciates my advice.You asked me that” why should we pick you as a wunner?” For myself I want to say that, to be chosen as a winner is a fortune.But I think if you choose me,I’ll make sure that your campaign is going to win,for I’ll announce to every one in my country that Japanese used car is strong than other cars from any other worldwide market. I’ll help your company to be your ambassador of Japanese used cars. In other countries if a car is out of fashion, they put it aside, but in my country of you get a car especially a used one from Japan,and which is strong enough to be used every where along steep hills,mountains and through tarmac roads,every one will see the firmity Of the car and they will choose to find one of the same grade. If you select a winner,it is better to find one from a country where the carshould be used and help you advertising your Japanese used cars.My country is one of the best country to help you advertising your business. There are some people who want to see a property and after that,they find the same as what they saw.My country people,normally want to buy properties,after looking or observed others properties, if it is nice. So let me be a winner to announce your company’s properties as an ambassador. Looking to hear from your company soon as possible.Thanx.SIAFFU

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