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IAN NZIMA from Malawi message

IAN NZIMA from Malawi message
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When you buy a car from CAR FROM JAPAN a JAPANESE USED CAR company you are rest assured of quality and cheaper cars on one stock.Just visits CAR FROM JAPAN website to see a large selection of cars.The cars ranges from:Toyota,Nissan,Mitsubishi, Audi, Suzuki,Chrysler,Honda,Citroen,Hyundai,Mazda,Daihatsu,Peugeot and many more including Machinery.
The workers at CAR FROM JAPAN are friendly. They will assist you from buying until you get your car.
Friends and relative of late CAR FROM JAPAN has introduced a WIN COMPETITION. In this competition if you are 18 years and above,you are required to share the link provided by the company CAR FROM JAPAN.You can share that link through;Facebook,Twitter,Google,WhatsApp including inviting friends by email.Once your friend clinck the link,automatically you score the points and your percentage of winning increases.If the points reaches the limit which CAR FROM JAPAN wants,you can win amazing prizes including $30,000.Cash,a car and other prices.
The competition started in January 2017 and will end on December 2017.Hurry!!.while you still have time.I hope that this coming Monday I will be the winner of $30,000. or a car.One of this price I will win.WHY?

I Mr IAN NZIMA Po Box 760.MZUZU,MALAWI.Have all the qualities to win because of the following qualities;
1.I have posted the link CAR FROM JAPAN to my WhasApp with many friends clicking.
2.I have posted CAR FROM JAPAN link to my Facebook account with many likes from my friends and many comments.
3.I have invited some friends through emails and many have clicked the link.
4.I have manage to write the essy with many words
5.I have 192 points representing 85% as of now.By the time you will be Reading this,may be I will be 100% which is required by CAR FROM JAPAN.And now many people have known the company through my sharing.

The company CAR FROM JAPAN has started well.It has stared well because it has at least all cars that we need in AFRICA and the world at large.Now this company should try to open offices all over the world and to that effect being an African I think that CAR FROM JAPAN to extend offices now first to Tanzania if there isn’t one.If there is already office in Tanzania well and good.The office is supposed to save the customers interms of clearance.All customers that buy cars from CAR FOR JAPAN all the documents to be sent to this office in Tanzanian office.The office in Tanzania should keep safe all Cars for her customers. We don’t want to experience these problems like the theft of radios, Jack’s, wheel spanners,spread wheel s.In some cases the car is damaged due to non attention while the owner of the car is not there.And this will creat a job opportunity to many people to work in your offices
That’s point number one
Point number two on WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT CAR FROM JAPAN.Is that offices should be opened in many countries now like;Zambia, Malawi,Mozambique, Kenya and extend offices to all over the world.
In Malawi we also need one office if possible.If you open office in Malawi will help the buyers as follows;
1.Customers will be coming to be educated on how to buy a car fro CAR FROM JAPAN
2.If customers sees the office with a log from CAR FROM JAPAN will be lest assured that their car will surely come if they order one.
3.Some of us will find work in that office to help customers buy cars fro CAR FROM JAPAN.

In shot this is what I can say on why you should pick me s a winner of this competition and what do I think about this company.
Now I would like to thank the entire staff of the CAR FROM JAPAN for organising this competition. Many people now will know about this company
Best Regards
Ian Nzima

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