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Hussein A. Ramju from Tanzania message

Hussein A. Ramju from Tanzania message
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Because i am a hardworking student, struggling daily in busses consuming my time and always making me late from reaching home and college in the mornings. I would be a good advertiser of cars from Japan that they are good in quality wise and also are very affordable with trusting people in it. It would make me a respected person from where i come from, it would make it simpler for my dad and mom, sisters, brothers, uncle and aunt, and grand mother too. After winning a car i would influence more people in my area of expertise to buy cars from japan because they are fuel efficient, relevant and reliable, very powerful cars, easy to drive, mostly compatible and easy to drive for all kind of people aged. If i win a car it will make my parents especially my dad proud of being his one and only child who helped them in every ups and downs. It would make your country (Japan) known by other countries that they are good people, they help other countries in every way no matter the condition of their country, japan is known very well in making good and quality machinery especially cars. Cars from Japan, used cars from Japanese are the best because they are well maintained and driven in a safe manner.

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