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HLUPEKILE LOMUTHI MHANGO from Tanzania message

HLUPEKILE LOMUTHI MHANGO from Tanzania message
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Japan used cars have improved our means of transportation in my country and those who are able to purchase one have purchased through internet or buying from suppliers who purchase them in bulk from Japan. These cars are durable and affordable to every Malawian who have the capacity to purchase one. I too have always had the passion to purchase one when my financial status is able to do that since I travel long distances which require the use of a vehicle and usually I use local means of transportation like minibuses but when you use such means of transportation you are limited to time spent whilst travelling because its either you travel longer hours to reach your working place when the bus owners intend to spend more time on the stages along the way.
Japan cars are durable and user friendly because some are manually done or the others are automatically operated which makes its easier to both parties. Most vehicles can travel on our rough/gravel roads to most remote areas of our country where some vehicles could not even reach.

I have noticed that some vehicles fuel consumption is so good looking at my financial status which will allow me travel and visit my parents without difficulties.
I would like to thank you for introducing these used cars because they are affordable.


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