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hlulo chaipa nyirenda from Malawi message

hlulo chaipa nyirenda from Malawi message
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Japanese Used Cars
Japanese cars have proved to be some of the best on the African terrain. In my country, Malawi,over 70% of cars on the road are Japanese. One name, Toyota,is all over. Spare parts are easily available such that most associate with the brand.
Now, Japan being the home of Toyota and other makes like Mitsubishi and Nissan Isuzu which have proven to be reliable as well, speaks volume of these cars. Another factor has always been the price of the vehicle. And Japanese cars have been affordable. Thus a car from Japan is presumed to be well reconditioned if it is a second hand car because that country has the necessary technology and skills to do that kind of a job. Again, one feels the car has genuine parts and it is the real thing since it is coming from the country of origin.

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