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henry venance from Tanzania message


First of all my name is henry Venance from Tanzania Dareslaam region. Why should you pick me as a winner for car from japan.
From my heart i like cars from japan for maltiple reasons espesialy used cars from japan
Here in our county we prefear used cars from japan because of financeal reasons most of as we are poor so we aford used cars from japan coz their cheep and of the best quality.
What do i think of cars from japan
Japan has been one of the word’s top 3 cars producing since 1960’s, securing its status as the world leader in manufacturing and technology.
Some of its most well known global bionds belong to the automotive industry. People all around the world are famillior with toyota, subaru, fuso, hino, mazda, lexus and many more.
Japan used cars and new cars belong to the counties most faurmas exports and what is more japanese automotive companers can be found in cars being manufactured on six countinents.
In fact japan cars manufactured and takes up to 89% in the countries largest manufacturing sectors and transportation
Automotive components and vihicle account for 18% of all manufacturing shipments in japan.
As the market becomes more intergeted internationally japanese parts makers are showing strong investment in human capital within japan for the development and product if automotive goods
Domestic auto production has been steadly risinf since 2012 in the light of a weaker year and a stronger global market for motor vehicles. This has led to extended expansion by japans majour auto makers and similler focus on selling in home market this makes japan used cars to be the best.
As cars have become more complex nowdays consisting the 20,000 individual parts the industry has evolved into an integrated supply chain of companies parts from hundreds of suppliers are applied into each car that comes off of the assembly a reasult an expanseve network of outo parts suppliers has grown as substantial part of japan’s econamy, spanning across multiple industries such as chemical and rubber.
Japan cars such as toyota honder and nissan ar top 3 cars manufactureres their operations and corporate alliances stretel across all continents, as does their market reach at the same time. They maintain their global haid quarters and many of their r&d facilities within japan.
The above are the saticfactory reasons par why japan brand and used cars been the best ever in the world today and days to come

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