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Henry Stanley Kua from Papua New Guinea message

Henry Stanley Kua from Papua New Guinea message
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A free car will be a dream come through. I do bought a used Nissan Patrol in 2012 but got burn in flames and promised not to buy a car again. Maybe a free car from japan would be a perfect gift for 2017.
If Car From Japan is looking for a person to give a free give-away car than I should have been the one to be selected because I was the one who lost a car without even driving my previous car for a month and all my dreams of owning and driving one was all gone in flames.
Japanese cars are the best in the World because my country, Papua New Guinea is one of the major clients to Japanese made cars. One of the most popular model is TOYOTA.
And Toyota is one of the best brand made suitable for our weather and geographical conditions where a Toyota Land Cruiser can be driven in all seasons and conditions.
In many centres around my country both new and Japanese used cars are being sold at an affordable but to an ordinary person, they are sold at very expensive prices.
Owning a Car From Japan is a dream to any ordinary person whilst sitting around and gazing at fleshy Tilted Toyota Land Cruisers driven up and down the dusty highlands of Papua New Guinea. Its a big men’s toy and an endless wishes for an ordinary citizen.
Car from Japan has made life easier for any person who has chosen to have a car from japan as a form of road transport. Transportation of goods and services has been made much easier for the users as cars from Japan has not only become a luxury but also very useful for mobility very convenient.
Cars from Japan has become a very popular commodity in the Car Industry and no other country can come closer in beating its brand names. Cars from Japan has improved in its style and new features and had given its customers much satisfaction beyond any other Car Industry competitors that we can ever think of.
If I WIN this competition than I would be one of the proudest owner of a Car from Japan, made in Japan and would be a special gift from Japan. It will also be a recorded history to be remembered in many years to come as a special memory for my first car swollen up in flames and another one gifted without spending money again.

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