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Henry from Tanzania message

Henry from Tanzania message
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Car from Japan
As we all know that Japan has been the leading country for manufacturing and exporting cars for almost a century now.
When you see a name branded “Car from Japan” No doubt because everybody has an understanding that when you think and talk about Cars, definitely comes from Japan.
In Tanzania and of course many African countries, most of the cars we use is being imported from Japan. I can say about 96% of the car we use comes from Japan.
We have many platforms rather companies which do sell cars from Japan here in Tanzania, but from my opinion, Japanese used car is the oldest and pioneer to work with us and many other countries in Africa.
I would like to congratulate the Management of the car from Japan and the whole Team you work with us. I feel comfortable and more relaxed.
My first car i bought in my carrier was from “Car from Japan” it was used Carina and was so much helpful to me till when i decided to change it.

God bless you all and wish you all the best

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