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Henry Businge Atugonza from Uganda message

Henry Businge Atugonza from Uganda message
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Being chosen as the 2017 Car From Japan Winner, would be a massive leap forward in my journey of becoming a self reliant and independent gentleman. Since I was a young boy, I have been enraptured with the idea of infusing travel, adventure and nice cars into my life. Currently, I am working with IT Department Software Solutions and a private research for renewable energy here in Uganda. I have great admiration for not just Cars but beautiful and strong vehicles and while there are so many makes and models, Cars From Japan have always fired my fancy, and judging from appraisals by users, a Car from Japan is very affordable, almost fits any middle class budget, with readily available spare parts and service centers especially in this part of the developing world. This makes a CAR FROM JAPAN a must have essential in life. With a great variety of makes and models to choose from one is spoilt for choice, because say for my case am in Love with Japanese used car like TOYOTA, FORD, HONDA and NISSAN, among these I like the SUV body type like the Toyota RAV4, the Ford KUGA, Honda CRV, and Nissan MURANO.

There are several reasons why I deserve to win this car. Some of those reasons include that I will work harder than any other participant. I love the flexibility, mobility and value that a car adds to a person as a whole. I like the feel of owning my own car which I intend to do in this competition. With this said I like to have fun too, and as a youth you can only imagine what a nice car can bring, needless to mention; drive to the movies, a ride out with friends, and run errands more quickly and efficiently.

In this regard I would like to extend my appreciation to the management and staff of CAR FROM JAPAN, for always giving back to the people and providing life changing opportunities to the people as hope for a better day is rekindled especially here in the developing communities. All I can say is that keep up the good work you do for this world of ours. May you have the vision and tenacity and creativity for your continued growth in this car industry.

Overall, if you would please give me the chance I think I would be more qualified to win this Car from Japan. So if you could just consider me for this opportunity and help me achieve my goal who knows one day I might good for this world.Without your opportunity I really don’t know where I will come up with all the money to buy myself a sweet nice car. Please make my dreams become a reality.
Thank you and best regards.

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