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Harun Mahundi from Tanzania message

Harun Mahundi from Tanzania message
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Hi All,
In the present global competition in automobile industry, one cannot go without mentioning Japanese used cars. One should not conceive and interpret the word used cars as being inferior cars and worthless and hence implying its literal meaning. It is true that Japanese culture having a worldwide repute is such that used cars are as if they are cars directly from the production and assembly line. The Japanese people whom I hold in the highest esteem have a culture of keeping every thing clean and perfect and are considered to be truthful and trust worth. The quality of their roads coupled by the discipline of their driving, renders the so called used cars be maintainable and with no defaults which are acceptable by any civilized community.
Japanese used cars may implicitly be taken to be an option to any importer due to its quality assurance, dependability and many other material aspects which any clever person will without demour chose.
Taking the above to be true, I would like to share my experience in using the Japanese used cars which I found to be economically advantageous in the price point than that of a new car from the assembly line. I found no difference if one should be asked to valuate price, durability and the like points.
You will not find drum beats of boasts with the Japanese and hence they sale their products and not words and I salute them.

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