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HAROUB HAMAD OMAR from Tanzania message

HAROUB HAMAD OMAR from Tanzania message
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Yes, you should and I strongly believe that I am the perfect fit. Now let me show you why based on two facts. The first being my country setup and the second is my personal traits and plans.

Being born in East Africa, Tanzania and Zanzibar islands in particular, I used to see my home country being among top importers of Japanese used cars. This has been so due to two reasons: our driving system (Driving Left) same as Japan and the economy quality and nature of the cars we imports from Japan; most of us cannot afford buying cars from European countries like the UK. These two important facts as far as my home country is concerned has placed Tanzania among strong market bases of Car From Japan (CFJ) in the African continent. Hence, with this setup, definitely I am a potential customer for Car From Japan (CFJ) at least if not a staff or even a potential representative in my region. That is the first reality as to why should you choose me as the winner.

Now the second fact, my personal traits and plans. Being a finalist Tanzanian student of Msc in Banking & Finance down here in Ankara – Turkey, I am planning to move back home for life by the end of the first half of this year but as someone new. New in the sense that, I am full of new ideas to put them into action. The first plan is to have my small car for easy movements while realizing my plans. And so far, because of budget constraint I am thinking of a Japanese used car – Suzuki Kei as my starting point, possibly later I will move into higher grades of cars. Moreover, my dream company that I plan to establish after short time will need cars for its operations, and again will be cars from Japan.

Hence, CFJ considering customer loyalty and the whole marketing function especially in this era of stiff competition will consider me in a quite different perspective and pick me as the winner for this Grand Giveaway 2017.

Many Thanks!


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