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Hamza jamal from Pakistan message

Hamza jamal from Pakistan message
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Hey there!! Hope everyone is doing fine out there!.
As a car lover i take keen interest in new japanese cars and would love to drive one somedayfor sure. So today i saw about this giveaway from CAR FROM JAPAN; and i am very glad to join this competition,seriously what great it would be for a person like me to get a car from you. While filling out the form i could not think of any car,you people are just so great, could not decide anything,just filled the form in a hurry so I would love to get anyone for sure.
As a doctor, i surely need a car, as i have to move quickly in case of emergency; especially at the beginning of my career, having a car will be blessing for me as it will be easy for me to travel through the jammed traffic of Karachi and a great help on my pocket also,as Japan is known for its genrosity and greatness. I can also hope for this on my side.
I can only pray for getting this giveaway and would be thankful for getting this. I highly appreciate Car From Japan for coming up with this great idea of giveaway, as it is already known for its great car deals.
In the end, i pray for the betterment of your company under this great administration and healthy life to you and your family. From the bottom of my heart, i am thankful to CAR FROM JAPAN and especially to the sponsors of this for making this great giveaway possible.
Waiting for the giveaway:)

Dr Hamza Jamal

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