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Hamisi Silas Daudi from Tanzania message

Hamisi Silas Daudi from Tanzania message
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Picking me as a winner will be a huge advantage to your plan of making your company known. It is quiet true that Tanzania is a big importer and user of Japanese Cars/vehicles and for picking me as a winner from Tanzania specifically Dar Es Salaam where all roads are congested by Japanese cars any time will be a big credit your company. If it happen you pick me as a winner and that you publish me as winner and in fact you give me the give away prize, for sure you will make a tremendous trust from Tanzanian customers and Dar Es Salaam in particular where many people know me. Apart from that, the East African people are big users of Car from Japan and in that regard every one will be eager to know the company in case it has prized me and published. The same reputation will extend to all countries in Africa, such situation will make every one to choose car from Japan for any need be to import car from Japan. Trust any thing can not just happen but it is always made to happen. For this reason picking me as a winner you will be now working toward marking Car from Japan trusted in Tanzania, East Africa and Africa at large.

I think Car from Japan are more reliable and resilient to most of African rough roads and environment as well. Again, Car from Japan are cheaper compared to Car from other countries which are only used by upper class people who are very few in Tanzania and Africa largely. Meanwhile Car from Japan are affordable to all classes of people in Tanzania and Africa. Car from Japan ranges from the cheapest one to the highest where everyone would be suited accordingly. In most cases low income people drive very expensive cars when it comes to the used car from Japan. Imagine you can buy a used car from Japan at very cheap price but the quality and status of such Used Car from Japan is very high which in no way you can differentiate from one drive a new car of the the maker and model. Used car from Japan has been a big savior to many people in Tanzania and else where who have long time dreams to drive. For sure without used car from Japan a bing number of people in Tanzania and else where would not have manage to own a single car. But used car from Japan has made a big number of people in Tanzania and Africa to own several units or buy every year. Why not be proud for such big impact you have made in Tanzania, Africa and else where. I personally drive Car from Japan and I have managed to own several units.

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