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Gozho from Zimbabwe message

Gozho from Zimbabwe message
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The Japanese motor industry has come to the aid of an ailing economy through availing options and my country may not have smooth motorways but has enjoyed easing of transportation challenges. This has assisted the populace to explore economic options and continues to aid our recovery.

Used vehicles have provided safe options of travel in the country that failed to come up with manufacturing incentives to avail adequate units. Availability of spares and back up options encouraged users and traders alike.

I intend to continue my professional services being backed by safe comfortable and reliable transport options. The multiplicity of trading routes has availed options to the citizenry and special pricing overall helps efforts at environmental management come into effect as old models are also retired in our continent.

Thank you for making newer models available and help reduce the variance between the rich and poor, because a one dollar vehicle drives on the same road as the hundreds of thousand vehicle removing the glitz and lust for too expensive vehicles by third world countries and hopefully the burden on the invariably low GDPs.

Kindly provide a screening plant to eliminate outdated models polluting our planet and preserve a safer earth, it is our joint responsibility.

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