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GOODLUCK BENIEL MINJA from Tanzania message

GOODLUCK BENIEL MINJA from Tanzania message
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Japanese used cars are not used, to me they seem new on the road. I love toyota noah from Japan, I bought one ten years ago at ten thousand TANZANIA shillings roughly equivalent to 4000 Us$. I was using that car every day as a family car in every business for short as well as long safaris. By then we were saying at Kongwa on of the Distrcts in Dodoma region central Tanzanian. And since my wife Christina a NMB bank manager hails from Mbeya, south Tanzania and I hail from Kilimanjaro a northen region, funny enough we cruised between Mbeya and Kilimanjaro many times where as I don’t remember when we had a slight problem what so ever. Always the car was good, and sometimes if somebody asks about the car to learn that I bought it as a used car, they were so suprised. Sometimes they could’nt believe me, untill they saw the car registration card. However, due to my used car from Japan I helped many users to obtain used cars from Japan through Dar-salaam port in Tanzania. Up to now many people likes to have cars from Japan and especially used ones but the problem is that after they are in Tanzania showrooms the prices becomes too high than the prices quoted in Japan. Owners of Tanzanian showrooms inflates too much the orignal prices. So the solution is for your company to more marketing and therefore educating so that Japanese car users from Tanzania are not afraid to import the cars directly from you since they surely love these cars.

Every body wants a Japanese car, a Japanese spare parts, Japanese greese/oil, it is not fun but there is a swahili saying among us which states “GOOD GOODS SELLS BY THEMSLVES BUT BAD GOODS HAVE TO TOIL TO FIND A BUYER( inswahili KIZURI KINAJIUZA ILA KIBAYA KINAJITEMBEZA). Similarly, Japanese cars sells themselves because they are good and acceptable by all wheras cars from other places have to hike to be bought or rather to get a buyer.
Nevertheless, as a fun, admirer and user not to as a non – commissioned agent of cars from Japan, I would suggest that you look around your good company and decide to establish a big yard and showrooms in Tanzania, not only in Dar-salaam city but also in Arusha, Moshi in Kilimanjaro, in Mwanza also a northern TANZANIA bordering with Uganda, in Tanga, Singida, Mtwara our mother of our natural gas etc etc. In this way, you will real catch the market, come with new Japanese and used cars, Tanzanians will love you. Any way if you do, don’t forget me, for I am very bored since I retired from the Bank. ASANTE SANA KWA MAGARI MAZURI YA JAPANI, KARIBUNI SANA TULETEENI MAGARI YENU MAANA TUNAYAPENDA SANA.

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