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GODWIN MASANJA from Tanzania message


I see myself as a winner because I am a hard working person so if I will win this campaing I will make more people know about CAR FROM JAPAN and this will be evident in the number of people will join this campaing by click my link. A part from social networks I have friends who are real interested in cars. Also in my country imports cars from Japan more than from any other place in the world. I know it is truth that this company is not much known here but through me I can increase the number of buyers from Tanzania. In this country there are no car manufacturing industries so all the car are imported and people over here prefer used cars from Japan because are much cheaper than any other country. Also because I am in Tanzania and If I will be able to make this company known well to this country it means the company (CAR FROM JAPAN) will extend its market to all country bordered to Tanzania because many of them have no sea port instead they are using Tanzania sea port (Dar es Salaam) Shortly winning the prize from CAR FROM JAPAN it will not only be something good to me but also to the company and that is to say they will not regret to pick me as winner of this campaign, in connection I want to show those people criticized for apply to this campaign that it is real and not as they thinking I am wasting my time for dedicating myself into this car .
CAR FROM JAPAN are the best cars exporters because is most cheapest cars exporters also safety and security of customer’s cars is what characterized CAR FROM JAPAN. Delivering of car to destination is on time that means there is no delay that can make the customer to complain about the service. CARS FROM JAPAN is company that leading in listening to their customer. CARS FROM JAPAN is where customers from all over the world can find cars of low price but in good condition and low mileage. I will be pleased If I will win this campaign

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