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Gloriana Monko from Tanzania message

Gloriana Monko from Tanzania message
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You can argue that our very survival is anchored upon our ability to move, or motion for that matter; the earth moves so that we have day and nights, indeed we have dates at all. We also get seasons as a result of earth’s motion. Now this is starting from quite a high level of things. But even at the most ‘cellular’ level motion is still very important for survival. Motion therefore, is important for civilization itself. And who can deny the amount of revolution in economies, individuals, cultures and sociology that has been caused as a result of revolutions in the way we move? Nobody. We have moved in waters, air, but the most important avenue of our motion is the on the land. Land is naturally our playing ground. The invention of a motor car or simply car is possibly one of the most notable features of modern civilization. Cars have made us enjoy life at a level that would not be achievable without them. Cars have made us move to meet other people of cultures different from ours increasing our intermingling and generally increasing the level of peace amongst us as human beings.
Having set a case for cars, now let me talk about the people who make most of us enjoy these objects of modern civilizations. Many countries make cars, but the one that has possibly made the most impact in the lives of Africans in general, and Tanzanians in particular, is Japan. Cars from Japan are ubiquitous in Tanzania. All Japanese models can be spotted in various places in Tanzania: Toyota, Suzuki, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Hino, to mention only a few. Obviously the most frequently existing car remains to be the Toyota in its various forms. I dare say if Africa only depended on European models, there would be only a handful of cars running on African roads. Cars from Japan have helped change the way we move, and have helped many, many people.
Again, it would not be possible for all of us to buy brand new cars. It is too expensive. How come most of us can own a car in our lifetimes now? It is because we can access used cars which have quite good conditions. Japanese used cars are truly the best used cars in the world, I proclaim! Japanese used cars originating from Japan are in some of the best conditions for used cars. It must be something done in Japan that is responsible for this quality of Japanese used cars. It must be that the country has good standards of car maintenance among its owners. We love cars form Japan, we love Japanese used cars!
Lastly, we know that it is a long distance from Japan to many countries that consume its used cars but thanks to faithful agents such as most of us can have a shot at owning cars from Japan. We thank you for bringing us Japanese used cars close to our doors.

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