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Giuseppe from Philippines message

Giuseppe from Philippines message
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I’ve always dreamed about having a car. Even though it seems impossible to get even an old used car here. I’ve always wanted a even a simple car. I don’t have a license right now, but now my Dad already told me quite a lot of things.
I tried driving sedan, suv, and I even tried a truck! Of course I’m 18. I’m still a student here and transportation have been hard and expensive sometimes. Cars will not just to get me places quicker but to help my family as well. My Dad has his own suv car. It’s Ford focus and its started to die little by little. By the help of a maintenance and other fixes. It won’t give up on us…yet. So that’s the main reason why I go to this website.
It’s alright for me if I don’t win. Well, at least I tried winning an ACTUAL car. I see this points in this website and it says that I should get more to get a chance to win. So….why not? 😀
This CAR FROM JAPAN website is actually nice. No pop-ups and few or no ads. The only thing I love in this website is that they are giving people chances what they cannot achieve…their dream car. And I’m one of those people who simply just dream about having one.
I do know a few things about web editing, and this website is actually programmed and designed well. Enough to convince someone like me to go here and believe that I can get a not even new Japanese used car! I do like jap’s cars. You know they have a lot of famous brands that went into success. I don’t really care if I am to win one, all I care is that the cars durability and fuel efficiency.
I also don’t like that fossils fuel are being used everyday. Sometimes its just necessary to use it. I heard there is even vehicles that used little amount of fuel per kilometer. In fact, if there is an electric car here I would love to have it!
So I guess that’s it! Thank you guys for giving me a chance to win ANY simple car. I don’t care if I loose. Then I might try other ways to get my dream car by simply saving up money. Thanks guys.

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