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gideon adam from Tanzania message

gideon adam from Tanzania message
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I like very much the car from Japan,but really I’m so poor,I’m praying to my real GOD to have it.please I bag you to give power to have it,thanks, mum LAN I know that you are among the woman who knows well about the human in need is a human indeed,please pray for to have the car from Japan,GOD blease you.if the God listen me to earn this car from Japan,I will be very very happy indeed.dear mum LAN I bag u much to support me to have the car from Japan than any other. The geographic.appearance of my country is suitable for Japanese’s will. Help me for my normal life and my family….after the death of moses the servant of the load it came to pass that the load spake to Joshua the son of nun moses minister saying moses my servant is dead now therefore arise go over this Jordan thou and all these people unto the land which I do give to them even to the children of Israel . Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon that have I give unto you,as I said into modes,,,..that is the ability of god he will see me and have a car from Japan 9

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