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Gichu Kihoro Kabogo from Kenya message

Gichu Kihoro Kabogo from Kenya message
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The reason you should pick me as a winner is that, I have never driven my own car and you have expressed your goals is to enrich lives. What I have learned over my time here is that no matter how lucky someone is, there is somebody else who might be luckier than me. This has happened to me many times and I have always thanked God for giving me that chance and experience. I am always happy for those who win and I feel good for them and I have always hoped that one day it will be me and I get a chance to have my dream of winning come true. If all I care about is winning, it is an ultra-competitive environment, where winning will definitely come at a price, and that price is patience.On the other hand, if I’m content with not losing, it is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the winners, probably, to win one day, without even chasing it. There are scenarios where I absolutely love to win, though (especially board games :)), but not losing is not an option there!

For me being picked as a winner would come as a surprise and a big surprise especially from abroad. I have never won in any online competition so this will be a big occasion of a dream come true. I am apply hoping for the best results but I would not know exactly how it would turn out. It is like passing an exam you didn’t study for. I never did anything except apply hoping that you will no fail but my biggest question would be how you picked me among all the applicant, who I know are in hundreds or thousands if not millions.

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