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Geraldo Francisco Nhacussa from Mozambique message


The reason why to pick me as the winner of this competition is that, it will promote the Cars From Japan sells to my country as I live in the most populated province of my country where there is no this type of cars. Over five of the total, twenty million habitants exist in ten provinces that my country possesses live in my province. This province is located in the central of the country. It works as the bridge of all the people who go to the south and to north vise verse of the country which will contributes to the rapid spread of the information about this type of cars on national level.
The province, Zambézia, where I live, is the great contributor of the country’s economy through the exploration of the natural resources. It is the place privileged by many international investor and tourists. One of the problems faced by the travelers is the insufficient of the public transport. For this reason, people are accustomed to use private means of transportation. So cars from Japan will be a major solution for the problem because of the quality they have which is compatible with the nature of the roads the province possesses. Being the first person exhibiting the cars from Japan in this region, I will attract a lot of people to buy.
My country has entered into the list of countries with rapid development in Africa and in ten years time it will be well developed country in the world because it has most great and important natural gas fields reserves discovered in the last ten years, with significant long-term benefits for Mozambique. According to the statistics, it will become the world’s third largest exporter of liquefied natural gas. The gas fields discovered are located to the north of the country. This will make my province the great corridor from north to south where the capital city of the country is found. It is when the sells of cars from Japan will increase and become Mozambique’s popular mark for the rest of the years.
As a candidate, I have innumerable values to Cars From Japan. Just to mention as example, I am one of the small number of English Speakers in my country. It will be easy to translate the information from English to Portuguese which is the national language and is spoken by vast number of the people in the country. My bilingualism will help in making friendship with people of any nationality found in my country and take this opportunity to talk the advantages of the car I am using, (Car From Japan), so that they could be convinced to buy as most of the people are eventually, having economic growth and the car as means of transport is what fit the development.
The Car From Japan has come at the right time where by the country is having irreversible development. It will grow at the same speed with the growth of the country’s economy which will develop the spirit of using the cars from Japan the ideal means of transport of the millennium and this ideology will be fixed in mind of many people. This will be possible under the leadership of Geraldo Francisco Nhacussa as the major representative of the this Cars From Japan and I am ready and eager to fulfill the implementation of the compromise. I will not stand aside and let people of my region use inappropriate car which are not from Japan. Never. I will ensure myself to be the great promoter.
In respect to how I think of the Cars From Japan, is that, Cars From Japan are still considered as with the best quality in my country and a good durability. My country as I said earlier, is just developing. A large number of the roads my country possesses are in bad conditions. Durability and quality are what will attract many people to adhere. People nowadays like thing which is in fashion therefore, once this type of car appears for the first time, will spread to a vast number of people in my country as well as the neibouring countries as Mozambique has became to the epicenter of the instauration of the development project.
Prices applied to Car From Japan are reasonable and affordable to many of people. The variation of the quality should applied to the variation of the prices so that it can attracts and be affordable to people of any social status in order to fast gain popularity of the use of this type of cars in the country, neibouring countries as well as to the whole world.
Geographically, Mozambique, my country I live, is surrounded by Indian ocean to its eastern side, Tanzania to the north, Malawi to the north west, Zimbabwe to the central west and South Africa to the southern west. Malawi and Zimbabwe are land locked countries which depend upon Mozambican corridor for export and importation services through Beira and Nacala ports respectively. There is good relationship among the people of these countries. South Africa and Tanzania depend upon their own ports but they are also benefit to my country through the exchange of commercial services.
Many Tanzanians and South African people make their business in Mozambique. The government policies over the commercial activities are favorable to business men. This fact is the most attractive one to those who make business. Most of the people who come to visit Mozambique do have in mind the investment project and once they fix their business infrastructures seem hard for them to live the country and gradually they end up joining Mozambican citizen in development issues.
In fact, it will be the policy of my leadership to take the opportunity of this unity of the people of these countries to spread the mark of Car From Japan to serve them with the appropriate means of transportation to facilitate locomotion in both urban and rural areas where the access of road communication facilities is difficult.

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