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George Holz from Canada message

George Holz from Canada message
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Hi, I would like to share my impression of this site. I find the search cabailities very good, and the inventory descriptions detailed enough to make looking for a vehicle pleasant. With import restrictions into Canada being cars over 10 years of age or more, I suggest you look for a vehicle that you did not buy when it came out and still want or need. In my case that vehicle is a Volkswagen camper, which is an experience I would love to share with my young children. Several manufacturers made left hand drive cars which are safer for driving on Canadian roadways and highways, I suggest that you consider this important feature as it is hard to see when trying to pass on the left if you’re sitting on the right side where passengers normally sit in North America. Other difficulties are drive through windows, automated teller machines, and parking lots. Parts availability and engine condition are also critical for lasting enjoyment, if the vehicle has water in the cooling system chances are that the corrosion inside the engine will occur much sooner than mileage indicates, so again be vigilant. Enjoy your search for a suitable vehicle for use here in Canada.

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